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Handmade Soap   Makeup   Body Balms, Creams, & Lotions   Bath Salts, Scrubs, Powders   Natural Homekeeping   Facial & Lip Care   Hand, Foot, & Hair Care   Mommy To Be
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  • Handmade Soap

    Coffee Hand Scrub
    submitted by Shelby

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    If you are like me and love coffee then this is a recipe for you. Hands and feet are so over exposed, and many people don't look after them. This scrub is a great exfoliater as well as moisturizer. For soft hands and feet this scrub is a must!

    Yield: 6 tablespoons
    Prep Time: 1 minutes
    Price Category: 1
    Difficulty Level: 1
    Shelf Life: None, keep refrigerated

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    2 tablespoon used ground coffee beans
    2 tablespoon cocoa (optional)
    1 teaspoon boiling water
    1 teaspoon cream or milk
    2 teaspoon olive oil (optional - for super dry hands)

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    Blending Procedure:

    1. Mix coffee and boiling water together so it dissolves and turns into a paste. If using cocoa, add with coffee.

    2. Add cream or milk. For extra dry hands and feet, add 2 Tspn of olive oil after the milk.

    3. Go into bathroom and stand over sink. Pour a small amount of mixture over hands and rub all over the skin in circular pattern.

    4. Repeat Step 3 untill all mixture is gone.

    5. Rinse hands well with water.

    6. Enjoy great smelling, soft skin.

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